Monkey See, Monkey Do

Scriptmonkeys is the tech home to Jim and Michelle Lehmann, though you might better know them as Ravenswood and Mirz around the web. Over the years, they have owned and operated dozens of websites, and have developed various scripts, templates, and web-based programs. While technology has evolved and changed, and many of their past projects are now obsolete, they try to keep up with the times and continue to develop various programs and utilities. Their main focus is on clean, functional programming, without bloat. This will also serve as a blog where they share some tips and code snippets to help you along the way.

If you’re here looking for the Writer’s Wiki, the link is over in the sidebar. 😉

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Two Years is Forever

As you can see, we’ve reopened Scriptmonkeys. The old site was a mess. It was running an outdated version of WordPress with an old, clunky theme. Spambots had staked claim to the test forums and comments, and half the pages didn’t render properly. We resorted to shutting it down with the hopes of re-vamping and …